Welcome to the Sound The Siren – Rock For MS / Rock Against MS Series 2013 to 2017 archive pages. This website is a replica of the original website and is not functional, but a memory of what we all did as a West Australian music and local community who donated all of our services for free to raise funds for MSWA.

“SIREN Rock For MS” and “Rock Against MS” were both a registered (now de-registered), as a West Australian fundraising entertainment community providing live shows, raffle and auction items to raise funds and awareness in support of people living with Multiple Sclerosis and The MS Society of Western Australia (MSWA).

The “Rock For MS” campaign began in mid 2013 as the love child of local popular Perth identity, Donna Greene. The inspiration to begin the campaign came after the passing of Australia’s Queen of Rock, Chrissy Amphlett (Divinyls) who had lost her battle with MS and breast cancer at the same time as Donna’s MS symptoms had begun presenting.

Shortly after being invited to perform a one-off show to honour Chrissy Amphlett’s memory after her passing on April 21 2013, Donna received her MS diagnosis and later in 2018, her diagnosis was updated to include CRION.
As part of her recovery, with the support of a first class WA team of industry friends and professionals, “Team Siren”, Donna created the “Sound The Siren – Rock For MS” campaign to not only honour the memory of Chrissy Amphlett, but also to create a music and entertainment platform to encourage people to come along to enjoy some great live entertainment, while also raising funds and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.

“Music is a wonderful tool to aid in the healing of body, mind and spirit.”
Donna G.

The first show, held on November 22 2013, raised in the vicinity of $8,500 which was donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Western Australia. After a discussion with the great people at MSWA to find out where our funds would do the most good, we decided to allocate part of the funds to help with the refit of the Bunbury outreach where they required brand new gym equipment, with the remainder going to 3 additional wheelchairs – thus, everyone’s 2013 contributions went towards providing Fitness and Mobility support for people living with MS in WA. You can see more about our shows and funds raised on the Portfolio page.

SOUND THE SIREN Rock For MS / Rock Against MS continued to grow from strength to strength each year and with the support of people like you, we continued to raise funds and awareness to help to change the lives of people living with MS and further, to support the scientific community to discover a real preventative and cure.
By the end of the five show SOUND THE SIREN – Rock For MS event series in 2017, we managed a total of $34,993.20 to assist MSWA with several aspects for the MS and Neurological community of WA.

“Due to the multiple sclerosis that Amphlett concurrently suffered from,
she reported that she was unable to receive radiation treatment or chemotherapy as cancer treatment.”

Source: Chrissy Amphlett on Wikipedia