Sound The Siren - Siren Divinyls Show returns in 2020 to honour Chrissy Amphlett

Between 2013 and 2017, with support from the WA Music Industry, Sponsors and Show Supporters, the Sound The Siren ‘Rock For MS’ series raised $34,993.20 for People Living with MS and all neurological conditions.

Sound The Siren - Siren Divinyls Show returns in 2020 to honour Chrissy Amphlett

As Sound The Siren's Divinyls Show steps into a new era for awareness and fundraising in memory of Chrissy Amphlett, the formidable front woman of Australian Rock Legends - Divinyls, who lost her battle with breast cancer while living with multiple sclerosis in April 2013, the 'Sound The Siren - Siren Divinyls Show returns with friends' show being held on May 23 at The Charles Hotel in North Perth includes support for both MSWA and BCCWA, two Western Australian not for profit charities chosen to be equal beneficiaries for the profits from the concert.

2020 Vision: People Helping People

Donna Greene, singer of the Siren Divinyls Show and the person behind the Sound The Siren concerts, who also lives with her own neurological conditions, said on the band's facebook page,

"After a reasonable break to gather thoughts and re-assess life, the Spring of 2019 presented familiar reminders through various people’s life paths and their personally challenging experiences; friends, families and strangers alike.

"Clearly, it’s time to do something for the people. We’re putting the band back together and I am very excited to announce that Sound the Siren is back!

The 2020 Sound The Siren - Siren Divinyls Show will raise funds and awareness for people living with MS and all neurological conditions, as well as sharing the support for all people living with the challenges associated with Breast Cancer."

Sound The Siren - Siren Divinyls Show - 2020 Vision: People Helping People - In memory of Chrissy Amphlett

"The colours in the 2020 artwork represent those associated with each of the charities we are raising funds and awareness for.
The orange shades represent "MSWA - We know neuro" and the purples "Breast Cancer Care WA". The reds represent Siren Divinyls Show as the connection between the two.

Vision represents a few things. Vision for our new direction; '2020 Vision' for perceptivity; and the year of the band's return.

The Sound The Siren - Siren Divinyls Show's direction is to continue to bring music to the masses while raising awareness and funds for our two chosen charities; about People helping People; to remember the Queen of Australian Rock and Roll, Chrissy Amphlett and the spirit of the woman who continues to bring us together and who reminds us that while these conditions can sometimes present as challenging or perhaps even take a life, they never defined her. 

'Bless My Soul, It's Rock'n'Roll'"

Bringing into line the inclusive nature and direction of the 2020 Sound The Siren show, the Divinyls Show website has absorbed the Rock For MS/Rock Against website, archiving the great work done by everyone who 'got involved' through the Sound The Siren - Rock For MS series of shows.

As it says on the Siren Divinyls Show website's About page:
Welcome to the new crusade!

SOUND THE SIREN - SIREN Divinyls Show pays homage to Australia's iconic Chrissy Amphlett (25 October 1959 – 21 April 2013) and Divinyls, while "crusading for a cure" by raising awareness for Multiple Sclerosis and Breast Cancer.

SOUND THE SIREN!  The journey continues...

Follow the Siren Divinyls Show facebook page or Divinyls Show website for Event updates as they come to hand.